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Questions About The Different Functions

Why do the open burners need a water drain?

Our innovative burner design has a water drain in order to facilitate cleaning.  This design makes clean up a snap but if it is not possible to have a drain installed for the range we can eliminate the drain from the design.

Is the oven convection?

No. Our ovens are designed to be used as roasting and finishing ovens and the addition of a convection fan would be detrimental to the performance.  Our oven is lined in cast iron and concentrates the heat into the middle of the cavity.  This is the ideal setup for roasting and finishing but not for baking as there will be a concentration of heat in the middle.  

Are the ovens gas or electric?

Ovens are available in both gas and electric but not a combination of the two.  

How large is the oven cavity?

The ovens are designed to accept full size 18”x26” sheetpans.

How powerful are the burners?

The burners are 27,000 btu a piece.  We have determined after years of testing that anything larger is a waste of energy.  This is our findings for all of our stoves, whether it is for your home or the world’s premier restaurants. The burners have a 7 to 1 turn down ratio meaning they emit roughly 3,800 btu on the lowest setting.

What is a real French top and why do I want one?

A real French top is an incredibly efficient heated cast iron surface that is used in conjunction with pots and pans.  The French top has one burner below the surface that is recessed in a bed of specially formulated refractory cement.  A system of drafting channels leading to the flue ensures that there is a linear and gradual drop in temperature on the surface as you move further away from the burner’s location which is directly under the set of rings built into the top.  This drop in temperature is key!  This allows you to be sautéing near the hottest part of the French top and simmering or warming at points further away from the burner.  This versatility means that you can have multiple pans going at the same time, at different temperatures, all from one burner.  Our French tops are our most sought after function and are included in the vast majority of the suites we have made for the world’s finest restaurants.

How hot is the center of a French top?

Typically the center of the French top will run approximately 850 F.

When is a French top not ideal?

French tops work through accumulated heat and therefore need to be preheated for about 20 minutes before use. Ideal for when you are making large meals with multiple pans going at once ie. dinner parties, hosting or catering but the French top would certainly not be ideal for making one plate of eggs for example. Leave the small quick dishes to direct heat functions instead like open burners or induction burners.

What is a plancha?

A plancha is similar in appearance to a griddle.  It is a direct cooking surface and is ideal for cooking all types of foods from meats to vegetables. There is one very big difference between a plancha and a griddle.  The plancha has heat concentrated in the middle of the plate with a drop in temperature as you go towards the edges.  This is by design and this allows you to sear or brown in the middle and slide the product towards the edge to finish cooking at a lower temperature.

What is the big stack that is in the middle of the range?

The stack or flue is crucial in the proper operation of your Bonnet Maestro range. Ovens and French tops in particular are very dependent on proper drafting in order to ensure that heat is ideally distributed. The flue funnels the heat from these functions as well as excess steam from the ovens and expels it above the height of the chef for maximum operation and comfort.  The height of the flue has been determined through extensive testing and can rarely be modified from this given height.  Certain designs that do not have ovens or French tops have flexibility in flue height.  In all-electric ranges, like our induction based ranges, we can usually eliminate the flue altogether.

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