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Warranty and Lifespan

What is the standard warranty?

Standard warranty is two years for both parts and labor and will be administered by us directly.  We have a network of service agents that handle warranty repairs for us.  

What is the expected lifespan of a Maestro by Bonnet range?

In fine dining restaurants that are preparing hundreds of meals every night the Maestro by Bonnet range is expected to last 25 years.  In a residential setting that is doing a minute fraction of this cooking the expected lifespan will be significantly longer.

Maestro by Bonnet for the home!
The world’s premier chefs and restaurants have turned to Maestro for decades when it was time to build their kitchens and now so can you. We have used our experience to design a  line of luxury ranges sized for residential use that can be easily integrated into your kitchen project. Maestro Classic and Maestro Evolution now available for order.
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You have come to the experts!
We only make one thing; ranges.  Whether it is a small wall stove for your Manhattan loft or a giant island suite for your vacation home, you have come to the right place.   We offer an assortment of pre-designed ranges here but we design custom stoves every day.  Have a custom unit in mind? Contact us today!