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Why Maestro by Bonnet?

Bonnet is first and foremost a fabricator of custom cooking ranges for the world’s finest restaurants.  We have produced ranges for the most well-known chefs to ever enter a kitchen and the most revered restaurants.  The Culinary Institute of America, the French Laundry, Il Bulli, Jean-Georges, Restaurant Daniel and many others have turned to Maestro by Bonnet when it was time to outfit their kitchens.  We made our reputation in some of the world’s most hectic restaurant kitchens and this is where we learned our lessons, where we refined our designs, where we learned what was truly important.  We prove ourselves in these environments every single day.

Maestro ranges, whether it be for residential or professional use, have certain core principles that have set Maestro by Bonnet apart from other manufacturers.


A range is every chef’s main tool of the trade.  Every function is right where it needs to be in order to make the chef’s time in the kitchen as enjoyable, as efficient and as rewarding as possible.  This does not happen by accident. The chef’s menu, the overall layout of the kitchen, the number of chef stations and many other factors play a critical role in helping us design a range that the chef will be happy with for decades to come.


When we decided to formally offer our custom ranges to the residential market, we did not make any changes to the construction, materials or performance of our various cooking functions.  All of our functions are the exact same units we use for the ranges we build for the world’s premier chefs, be it burners, French tops, ovens, planchas or what have you.  Each of our cooking elements is meant to serve a specific purpose and to do it at the highest levels.  We have taken our decades of experience and designed functions that excel but that does not necessarily translate to the biggest burners or hottest chargrills.  Our burners are rated for 27,000 Btu's because we found that particular output worked best and had the best efficiency rating, our planchas are limited to 350 degrees by design and our ovens have no convection fans that can fail. While we have quite an assortment of cooking elements to choose from based on your preferences in the kitchen and your cooking style, rest assured that if we offer it, it works and works well. Traditional burners and grills have a place in the Maestro by Bonnet arsenal but so do sous-vide units, induction burners and bain-maries.

Cleanability and Hygiene

We take the issue of hygiene and food safety very seriously at Maestro by Bonnet.  We are adamant that every surface be constructed of food safe materials and be easy to clean and disinfect.  Our stoves never have any seams in the top and this is a very important point.  Manufacturers of inferior “modular” style ranges simply drop different functions into a top based on the design.  This type of construction means that there are always seams between functions that are nearly impossible to clean adequately and this can be a breeding ground for bacteria.  We radius or round over all of our inside corners, another crucial requirement for maintaining a hygienic work surface.  It requires much more work on our part to ensure that all inside corners are rounded over but we understand that hard right angles don’t belong on a cooking appliance.  Sharp inside corners are like the dreaded seams on the top surface, very difficult to clean completely.  The ability to completely clean a stove very quickly is another point that has made Maestro the choice of so many chefs the world over.  After a dinner service no one wants to spend 2 hours completely cleaning a range and this has always been a core belief for us.  We have tailored our construction techniques to allow the home or restaurant chef the ability to completely clean the range in a minimum of time.

Reliabilty and longevity

These two points go hand in hand.  We design our ranges to endure 25 years in a busy fine dining restaurant setting and this commitment means that we must use the best materials, the most reliable components and construction techniques that are unparalleled in the industry.  A completely welded, tubular, stainless steel structure inside the range ensures rigidity and provides for a sturdy frame.  Our special 3mm thick stainless/titanium blend seamless top surface is twice as thick as most and ensures a smooth hard wearing surface that will last and last.  The titanium component ensures that the metal will be able to expand and contract with no fear of cracking or splitting over time.  True baked enamel finishes are nearly glass like and can be cleaned and scrubbed with no fear of scratching or wearing through the finish. There are cast iron and solid brass components everywhere on the stove.  Plastic parts, galvanized sheet metal, painted parts and brass plated items have no place in a range of this stature so you won’t find any on a Maestro.


We recognize that the beauty of our stoves attracts many of our customers but that beauty is a result of our design and construction methods, not the driving force. We will never compromise reliability, performance, ergonomics or cleanability for aesthetic reasons.  There are no copper plated doodads or pretty wooden inserts, no flimsy handrails that are only there to look pretty, no wicker baskets or shiny burners that are impossible to clean. 

Maestro by Bonnet for the home!
The world’s premier chefs and restaurants have turned to Maestro for decades when it was time to build their kitchens and now so can you. We have used our experience to design a  line of luxury ranges sized for residential use that can be easily integrated into your kitchen project. Maestro Classic and Maestro Evolution now available for order.
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